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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 7, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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mean you don't need your percocet? >> what did they say about the tramp lean? >> the trampoline caused the back pain. >> terror in paris. masked gunmen attack a french newspaper, massacring a dozen people and sending warning shots across the globe. this is special report. >> the city is light is seeing dparkness tonight not seen since world war ii. paris is on high alert follow an stault on a satirical newspaper. we have fox team coverage tonight. we begin with senior foreign
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affairs continue greg palkot live in paris. >> reporter: bret, french police confirmed to us that they have identified the three suspects involved in this brutal shooting. it is reported that their names are sayid and sharif kawac hirks and there are reports that at least one of them has a terror conviction already. and there are further reports that are a police raid related to this brutal attack is going on right now in a city here in france, about 90 miles from where we are. but the police tell us there are no arrests yet. yes, the man hunt continues. >> emergency crews race to the scene of france's deadliest terror attack in decades. masked gunmen with assault rifles storm the paris offices
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of the french satirical newspaper in a military style attack shouting ala akbar, god is great. even calling out the names of their victims, they knew who they were targeting. in a matter of minutes they killed 12 people who were later found in a car. the stunning video came from witnesses who saw the attack as it went down. >> i was on my balcony and i heard a loud noise and then i saw an injured policeman. >> the shots came from an automatic weapon and it was quite shocking, it was as if we were in a state of war. >> many observed that the attackers were well trained and carried out their plan calmly. french president expressed sorrow and resolve in a nationally televised address wednesday evening. >> freedom will always be stronger than barbarism, france has always defeated it's enemy when it was able to rally together behind its values. this is what i'm encouraging you to do, the unity of all and everybody should be our answer.
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>> earlier at the scene he had noted that several other attacks had been thwarted in france in recent weeks. the country's security alert has now been raised to the highest level, putting in place additional safety precautions. >> i have asked the regional his of police to take all the precaution measure needed at transport facilities, we have increased the security deployment everywhere throughout the french territory. >> reporter: it's not the first time the paper's offices have been attacked. a spoof issue featured a caricature of the profit mohammed on the government. nearly a year later there were additional threats after more cartoons were published. he was an outspoken advocate for the paper amid threats of violence. >> it is a religion that scares people, because every time we talk about it, is when we talk about bomb attacks done by an
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extreme minority. >> reporter: the french president also declared three stays of national mourning, for those gunned downtoday, and no letup in that search. bret? >> greg palkot live in paris. president obama is calling the attack cowardly and evil. he's also calling it terrorism. but it took a limb while this morning. chief white house correspondent ed henry has that side of the story tonight. >> the horror in paris left the president scrambling as aides would not initially label it a terror attack. while the president -- to declare it was. >> i thought it was appropriate for me to express my deepest sympathies, for the people of paris, the people of france for the terrible terrorist attack that took place earlier today. >> on the second day of a new
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congress, already dominated by veto threats, a rare opportunity for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell to join the president in expressing solidarity with france, although he also -- >> unlike some of the suggestions that are being made as late as last year, the war on terrorism is not over. >> before expressing some of his own sorrow in french -- secretary of state swronjohn kerry noted the commitment to battle terror of the two nations launching air strikes against isis. >> we stachkdnd with you in solidarity and commitment. >> graham says the president has the right goal in trying to destroy isis but adding policies like releasing terrorists from guantanamo means the the. >> we have a visa waiver program with france and so if we don't
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have track of all those individuals, they can also travel to the united states of america. >> homeland security secretary jay johnson expressed concern the understandenincident shows the threat is evolving. >> today the president spoke out on behalf of the newspaper that published satirical cartoons of mohammad. >> our universal belief in freedom of expression is something that can't be silenced. because of the senseless violence of the few. >> yet in an address to the u.n. general assembly just days after the benghazi terror attacks in 2012, the president was not quite as agree. >> the future should not belong to those whoslander to prophet of
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islam. islam. >> reporter: he did add that he would not ban the video because of free speech. jay carney said the french newspaper had the ability to pub established those afternoonity mohammad cartoons but he questioned the judgment of do that, bret. >> ed henry live on the north lawn, thank you. >> moments ago i spoke to the inge coming chairman of the senate intelligence committee. i spoke to republican richard burr about the attack and what we know so far. >> this was well planned, well executed and the individuals never intended to be one, caught, or two identified and that's certainly inconsistent with some of the loan wolf attacks we have seen in the country and around the world. >> we're getting reports that these attackers and terrorists in their military style in the way they pulled this off, they also spoke perfect french. we're hearing that foreign fighters are getting trained going from their countries to syria, getting trained and then
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coming back to carry out attacks, is that a likelihood here. >> it's certainly a possibility and we do know that the french government is reviewing all of their records from the airport from any border crossings, to see if these are individuals that might be french citizens that will radicalize in syria by isil or any of the other groups. but here's the changes for us. is that europe is much more porous than the united states. and i fear that we're in a period of time where this is going to become more a weekly event, more so than what we have seen in the past whether it's directed in paris, or whether it's another european city and hopefully, we can provide the greatest deterrent here at home to make sure that the domestically, we minimize our threat. >> senator, french president has really zpeped up the university posture in in france.
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are you concerned that the u.s. is doing enough with these people that we know are fighting with isis overseas. al you hear the fbi director saying we're tracking them but are we doing enough about them? >> bret, we're aggressively in all aspects of the intelligence community, trying to make sure that we thwart attacks before ahappen, we will have a massive intelligence community response to our partners throughout the world. trying to help the french out with the identity of these individuals, with the capture of these individuals, but more importantly, we're finding out who hatched this plan so that we can thwart any additional attacks that may have been planned off of this single incident. >> are we winning against isis or losing? >> well, i think the world's losing against isis. and the challenge in syria is a great one. we haven't been able to push isis back anywhere they have
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captured territory. it's a very very difficult thing for the united states to have -- to be impactedful, unless we take additional steps on the part of the united states, and i'm not necessarily suggesting boots on the ground, a no fly zone in syria could be a game changer. these are all things that i hope the administration is considering. but every day, our intelligence community globally, is attempting to glean more information about what isil is up to both in the syria region, but also around the world and most importantly here at home. >> senator burr, thank you for your time. >> you can go to my blog right now, the daily to see more of my interview with senator burr, the new chairman of the senate select committee on intelligence. s. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering across the country. fox 28 in columbus, ohio.
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an official says an airport police officer killed a suspect during what he termed a confrontation. it happened just outside the terminal. no word on the nature of that threat. kfox 14 where a man killed a psychologist at a vet trat even lieutenant in ft. police was an employee who had threatened the doctor before. the 50-year-old shooter took his own live as well. here's a live look at los angeles. the big story there tonight, lapd detectives searching for a man suspected of attacking and robbing four women in an apartment building elevators over the past three months. they have released surveillance video of an assault that occurred just last week. that's tonight's lives look outside the belt way from special report. we'll be right back.
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the white house firmly con officialed in writing that the president will veto legislation authorizing construction of the keystone xl pipeline. mike emanuel reports on a very uncooperative beginning to the next two years of divided government. >> reporter: in his first major address as majority leader mitch mcconnell started a -- >> i assure you threatening to veto a jobs bill within minutes of the president taking the oath of office, a bill with bipart sang support is anything but productive. >> unfortunately, by threatening two of these bipartisan jobs
3:16 pm
bills, the president is telling the american people he really doesn't care what he thinks. to what was alleged to be a white national itself group formed by a former kkk leader david duke. >> he's a decent honest person who made a mistake, we have all made mistakes. >> i rejekts any form of bigotry. >> meanwhile white house press secretary josh ernest told ed henry that early veto threats don't guarantee grid look on everything. >> to try to find common ground with the president on some shared values. what that is opening on overskaes markets to american businesses and make it more fair and simpler. that there may be an opportunity for us to try to cooperate on some issues and actually make
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prodress for the american people. >> reporter: still the senate is making progress on the floor bill. is so far some democrats seem to be going with delay tactics. >> we have a court out there that still hasn't decided on the rite of the route of the pipeline, so why with repushing this automatic deeming approval of these things with all these concerns out there? i really think it makes no sense. >> the president has failed his first big test when it comes to working with the congress. >> some key congressional republicans say there are opportunities of to get deals on trade and the tax code this year. their concerns are the potential damage of starting 2015 with a veto of keystone, which more than 60 senators support. >> mike emanuel live on the hill, mike, thank you. >> wall street had its best day in the last three weeks, the dow gained 213. the s&p 500 was up 23. the nasdaq finished ahead 58.
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president obama is previewing his upcoming state of the union address, barn storming a message of economic recovery today's stop, detroit. where the president took credit for a revitalized american auto sector. a fox business senior washington correspondent says he has skeptics on both sides of the aisle. >> trumpet the improving economy. which rebounded to sales of 16 million vehicles last year. >> the american auto industry is back. >> but despite the better economy, making it stronger is already shaping up to be the top issue in washington once again. >> too many americans are out of work, too many are working hard to just to keep pace, in the face of rising costs and frankly we have got a lot of work to do. >> real u.s. gdp rising by 3.1% this year, up 4.1% from 2014.
3:19 pm
and the strongest growth since 2005. that will mean more job creation likely 200,000 new jobs a month. that should also mean higher wages. but higher paychecks can not come fast enough for middle class voters or possible presidential candidates like massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren who spoke wednesday to one of the democrats most important labor supporters, the afl-cio. >> despite these cheery numbers. america's middle class is in deep trouble. >> for the new republican majority leader in the senate a better economy is already in the cards, thanks in part to gop victories in the last election. >> the uptick appears to coincide with the biggest political change with the obama administration's long tenure in washington. to the expectation of a any republican congress. >> but others point to a double wind fall of continued low interest rates from the federal reserve and falling oil and gasoline prices which help consumer spending.
3:20 pm
gas prices are down 40% from their peak in april. >> because americans don't have as much on the pump they have $9 hung to spend elsewhere on the economy. >> and at that ford plant in michigan, the president said his policies planned to add half a million jobs in the last two years. >> all right peter thank you. still ahead, the new toys that could ending up in your house a few years from now, are on special report tonight. first, the obama administration says it is a virtual certainty that north korea really was behind the sony cyber hack.
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iran's supreme leader es -- ayatollah ali says is rest will only make more demands if iran agrees to curb nuclear development. the purseersecution -- 4,300 christians were killed over their faith in the 12 months ending october 31st of last year. that is double the number murdered in 2015. and triple from the year before that it blames radical islamist and what it calls increased cultural marginalization of christians. hackers were able to shut down several german government websites today including the one for chancellor angela merkel
3:25 pm
merkel. and we're learning more about one of the world's top entertainment countries. >> attempting to british off criticism that the fbi and the obama administration were too quick to lay the blame solely with north korea for the sony stiber attack director james komey said it was a virtual certainty that -- >> there is not much in this life that i have high confidence about. i have very high confidence about this attribution as does the intel general community. >> reporter: and the fbi report says the north koreans were sloppy providing fresh evidence citing the ip addresses that uniquely identify a computer being theirs. >> the posts and e-mails were coming from ips that were exclusively used by the north koreans. it was a mistake by them that we skrchbt told you about before. >> comey public defended the -- the u.s. government has chosen to work behind the scenes when
3:26 pm
assigning blame and taking retaliatory action. >> i thought it was very very important that we as a government, we as an fbi said we know who hacked sony. it was the north koreans who hacked sony and call out that conduct and explain it. >> the sony attacks set a terrible precedent, the theft of e-mail and personal data as well as crippling the operations system of sony studios. james clapper read from prepared remarks about the hackers. >> if they attack us with no consequence, they will keep doing it again and again until we push back and others will follow suit. >> cyber security analysts and former intelligence officials still question while north korea's leader expel so much political capital on a community. >> i watched the interview over the weekend and it's obvious to me that the north koreans don't have a sense of humor.
3:27 pm
>> a new senate homeland security report authored by republican senator tom coburn concluded that the administration was -- the last congress could not agree on a plan and the program was allowed to expire at the end of 2014. a maryland politician threatening to sue a local newspaper for using hiss name without permission. what the paper did in response. next on the grapevine.
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a county lawmaker was threatening to sue a local newspaper if it everybody prints his name without asking. to say the paper called his bluff would be an understatement. frederick, maryland councilmember objected to a frederick news post story about concern over a reserve parking shortage for councilmembers. in a facebook post directed at the reporter a republican wrote, quote, news my name again unauthorized and you'll be paying for an attorney. as you might expect, the paper took exception to that threat
3:32 pm
and the blatant disregard for -- i just don't know how to respond to a request that sfu pitd. in addition to a news story that did not shy away from using the council member's name. the editorial page -- but last night, hash tag kirby delauder was trending on twitter. first rule of kirby delauder, don't talk about kirby delauder and i would like to solve the puzzle. >> a drivethrough dilemma in venezuela, mcdonald's has rain out of french fries in the country. mcdonald's blaming a labor dispute with dock workers in california and is offering diners fried bread and a side salad. the same shortage has prompted mcdonald's in japan to sell only
3:33 pm
small orders of fries. no word yet of any pending u.s. shortage shortage. a new agenda for traffic cops in the philippines for next week's visit by pope francis. adult diapers. a city official in manilla says 2,000 traffic enforcers will be required to wear them so they will not have to leave their posts when nature calls. spectators, priests and nuns who come to see the pope are also encouraged to wear to the adult diapers. the toys, gadgets appliances and beverages that could be in your house five years from now are in las vegas tonight. and to lighten the mood on a top news today we thought we would look to the future. adam housely who's live from the big consumer electronics show out there. >> reporter: some of the stuff we're seeing like the kitchen of the future, the lock of the future, like behind us.
3:34 pm
they're coming down the pipeline, but some of the stuff is here now. taylored to fit inside the belt way. a lot of -- baefl they track your pulse and how long you move and that kind of thing, keeps you healthy. and then more towards what maybe you and i rely on you have a kids gps watch, actually with safe zone, so if your child goes out of that safe zone, it will award you and tell you where your child might be going at a certain time of the day. a lot of times in d.c. people have problems with golf. it's called an in tracer, it tracks your golf swing and does it in a 3-d motion. unfortunately for you guys though, it doesn't come with a golf finder, it just helps you with your swing and finally when your have to deal with the producers. it's called the pinko brew it's your own brewery it actually
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makes a case of beer. it does it a number of different ways. it's actually a true brewery, and there's a number of breweries what are using it in the seattle area. this is what we're calling the fox ale. and you can find this again on the mark. it's called the pico brew. there are some things that are practical this year, though we are seeing things that come down the pipeline, bret. >> now, let's turn to 2016 another future prospect. politics prospective republican presidential candidate florida senator marco rubio is warning of dire consequences should hillary clinton be elected president in 2016. >> hillary clinton president sky would be a death blow to the american dream because it wouldn't be a 20th century presidency. the fundamental price -- is a zrak -- they don't work anymore. not because they were bad ideas back then. but because in the 21st century,
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the economy was dramatically different. >> rubio cited the need for better cheaper and more practical education for america's workers. we reached out to his office for any response to rubio's statement. paris's worst terrorist attack since world war ii, what happened is next when the partial joins me in a quick break. that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours.
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[ gunshots ] . >> freedom will always be stronger than barbarism. france has always defeated it's enemies when it was able to rally together behind it's values and this measure of peace -- >> the fact that this was an attack on journalists, attack on our free press.
3:40 pm
also underscores the degree to which these terrorists fear freedom of speech and freedom of the press. >> 12 dead today in france. three terrorists still on the run, a mannen enhunt under way, and paris still on lockdown, but there is an outpouring of support as you look at the streets of paris, there's a candle light vigil going on. a live look there, blocking some of the candles supporting the satirical newspaper that took a lot of shots at the profit mohammad but was also sat tier can kl about a number of different things. we welcome our panel. steve? >> we're learning more about the nature of the attacks and who the attackers were.
3:41 pm
it turns out that one of the attackers have been convicted in 2008 of helping to send jihadists to iraq to fight u.s.-led forces in iraq back then and at his time of conviction, he said he was appalled by what he saw in iraq he was appalled by the u.s. government, he was out he was released, he was eventually released. he was free to get together with his brother and this hamid marot, who planned these attacks. there was a report in usa today late this afternoon that the brothers at least had been to syria and had returned from syria. i had talked to a couple members on capitol hill who said that they had heard reports to that effect, but it had not yet been confirmed. usa today said it had been coming confirmed that cha ed thated that they had been to syria. >> the intelligence committee was giving us today, this is likely fitting that pattern, juan, of fighters going to
3:42 pm
syria, getting training, coming back. >> right, i think that what senator burr said to you that stood out to me, that this was not in the way that we think of lone wolf acts, this clearly was an orchestrated event and it was well planned and executed. we tie it to isis and we tie it to what's going on in syria and we see it as a consequence of that, from my perspective, the whole attack on journalists seems to be well aware,a when you are critical of islam suddenly you become a target yourself. we had a cartoonist in seattle who had to go into hiding for many years under fbi protection because she caricatured the prophet mohammad. the document tarrian who -- and now you have here this french
3:43 pm
magazine, which is a satirical magazine, it's like madd mag zeeg, they go after everybody, but again for going after the profit mohammad, they suddenly find themselves being attacked including political cartoonists killed. >> president obama mentioned that today, it's also interesting to go back and they have spoken about the white house has and the president has, this effort by this magazine actually, and the drawing of profit mohammad before. >> a universal belief in freedom of expression is something that can't be silenced because of the senseless violence of the few. >> the future must not belong to those who slander the profit of islam. >> we don't question the right of something like this to be published, we just question the
3:44 pm
judgment behind the decision to publish it. >> it's important to point out that that sound bite at the u.n. dealt with benghazi and also said it's important not to the desecrate jesus christ or the jewish faith as well. thoughts on this aspect of this story. >> the clips you show, demonstrate the ambivalence of this administration about what's the nature of the war on terror and whether it's actually still going on. here we have a president who's releasing prisoners from guantanamo, as what you do when a war is over not when it's ongoing, a president whose administration for months chose to call the ft. hood shoot -- i was hesitant to all call it terrorism until it became so obvious he sort of had to? >> let's just point out, josh
3:45 pm
ernest kaem out earlier and called it an act of violence, and came out and said the statement the president put out said terrorism. but it took josh ernest a little while to --- >> it shouldn't take any while. we know exactly what that is. it isn't as if it's a mystery in fact it is what the ft. hood shooter was yelling as well. it's the signature of radical vietnam islamic terrorism. the president had to act the way he did, but for years he's been giving speeches which say the war has corrupted us we cannot remain on a war footing, we have to end this war, you cannot end a war yuan latunilaterally, what we're getting in canada and paris, a redeclaration that the war is
3:46 pm
ongoing. >> they supported this magazine this first one, gunman with a thought bubble holding the pen, what's this little weapon that hurt us so much? the next one, whole heartedly with charlie hibbdo. and the last one you see a gunman saying he drew first. you know we just went through this whole thing, steve, with the interview, the movie. and how this sony hack and how everyone stood up and said this was first amendment rights and they should go out and see this movie, and it was released and it eventually came out. it seems different, with the profit mohammad, it seems different on these first amendment rights for charlie abdo for some reason. >> there's no equestion, it was fascinating to listen to people that are making arguments that these things shouldn't be published.
3:47 pm
you had the associated press give a statement, put out a statement staying they deliberately distributed photographs of charlie abdo that doesn't releast those cartoons for near of kazing additional attacks. we had the "new york daily news" blotded out. you had the telegraph in london do the same thing i think that is appalling, if ever there were a time to show these cartoons, it's now. i don't think it's an exaggeration to say that by choosing not to do that you are in fact letting the terrorists win. this is to the purpose of these attacks was to show up in this magazine and to end these kinds of editorial cartoons, by not kofbting to circulate these, by shutting them down in effect, you are letting the terrorists win. >> it wasn't to shut them down but to shut you and me up. it's to shut people like you and me up when we fake about it and when you show those cartoons, i thought you were kblog to show cartoons that showed the profit
3:48 pm
mohammed being -- when you said that cartoonists around the world shed support, i think shea should show support by manning up on this one there's a sensitivity to any person's wrj and you don't want to infliblgt emotional damage on anyone's belief systems and faith. i am deeply christian and i understand that. but to me, i don't take out a gun if you start making a joke about jesus christ, that's wrong, that's illegal by every structure. >> there's a huge double standard, news organizations don't refrain from showing the -- >> i warm to continue this conversation a little bit automobile here on the other side of the break, we may have some breaking news out of paris, stay with us. ake something. theraflu severe cold doesn't treat chest congestion. really? new alka-seltzer plus day powder rushes relief to your worst cold symptoms plus chest congestion. [breath of relief] oh, what a relief it is.
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>>ñi looking live in paris almost 1:00 a.m. there. we have some breaking news. we have one source a federal law enforcement source confirming reports that one is dead two in custody. that is what we have currently. there are reports surfacing out of paris that that's what's happening. we have one u.s. source trying to get more clarification. more details about that as you look at this vigil for the 12 killed today in this terrorist attack. we left charles talking about this battle. first of all, if they, in fact, have them, that would be a major koop for the french authorities. >> the reason we would have them is that like unlike some of the more unstable lunatics they were not suicide. they looked for escape to.
3:53 pm
wanted to hides identity. this is military style action by obviously well-trained people. i want to make one point about the war on free speech and war on culture. we associated with isis, al qaeda the lunatic fringe but it begins with ayatollah khomeini, but an actual regimes, in fact shiite and not sunni and the rushdie fatwa. they went after translators, publishers all over the world and kill them. this was the first serious attack freedom of speech in the west. there was tremendous cowardice in the west as a response. now it's that as it that as it at this sized. everybody is involved with this. the same regime is the one in which we are now engaged and looking for some type of detente when they are the inventors of the attack on freedom of speech at the point of a gun and enforcing these rules on the west
3:54 pm
according to their twisted sensibilities. we are not blurring or restricting the magazine's views about the prophet mohammed. we put them in various stories. it is interesting to just see that back and forth between how this is different. >> yeah. it is. i think to go back to the policy point that charles was making. i think, you know, we have been in a sense having this policy debate over the course of the obama administration. we had it in the bush administration. it's important to be clear about what the united states is and is not doing. what the west more broadly is and is not doing. we are no longer listening to the bad guys the way that we once were. we are no longer fighting them not interrogating them. letting the worse of the worse walk guantanamo. one the interesting things about this one of these men
3:55 pm
shareef was detained. we knew who he was. the key to stopping attacks like this is to identifying people who would commit these attacks. we knew who he was. we knew he was allied with jihadists, he had been sending support to iraq. he served apparently his term was 18 months. i don't know that he served the entire term he was let go. i don't know if the french were monitoring him or whatnot. it seems crazy in the extreme to me when the most important thing is to know who is likely to commit these attacks that we are the united states government, letting go the worst of the worst who we don't suspect of having been involved but who have done it in the past. >> very quickly, juan. it's also a concern for a lot of people including the lawmakers on the hill, about tracking the people we know are fighting with isis currently. >> it's very important. you have to do it. the question is how do you do it? the level 6 surveillance. but you have got to understand. i think that jay johnson, the homeland security secretary said today the threat is evolving. we are dealing with an ever changing threat. as a result our techniques
3:56 pm
our abilities have to change as well. >> we'll follow. this breaking news keep it here on fox. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a lesson in always being aware of your sur roundings. .. ] [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.®
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is your only guarantee that you're getting the world's #1 recommended photochromic lens. ask for it and register your lenses online today. finally ending with something light here. reporting live in front of a camera can be exciting. not everyone likes to be on tv. for example, this next clip comes from our fox affiliated in st. louis. keep a close eye on the police officer in the background. >> fox news anthony joins us. anthony? >> good morning, john and randy. i can tell you that i just learned that about 35 people. >> all right. take a -- oh, wait. oh. and then he just kind of goes to the side. there is the spot -- oh, okay. but the interesting thing is the freeze move with the hands to the side like nobody could see him. anyway. there is the play-by-play to end the show. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report," fair balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" in seconds. tomorrow join me for facebook q and a 7:00 a.m. eastern time. details on facebook page. "special report" online goes online in just seconds. this is a fox news alert. right now police executing a raid in northeastern france. they are hunting for three terrorist suspects who murdered 12 in broad daylight today in a magazine office in the heart of paris. french police say they know exactly hot terrorist suspect, the killers are. it happened just before noon in paris. 12 people gunned down in the most methodical and cruel method. 11 others. opened office at the satirical magazine charlie hebdo. capturing the terrifying shooting on video. [shouting] [gunfire] >> when the gunfire


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